You’ve been in the 9-5 grind your whole career but you’re ready to level your professional growth and understand the next step for the future.

Although you’re experiencing a lot of imposter syndrome, deep down you know that you’re worth so much more than your current job gives you credit for. It’s time to stop doubting yourself and discover a professional path that aligns with your personality. You’ve got skills and experience, but deep down, you know there’s something more out there for you. You’re craving fulfillment and a career that brings out the best in you.

It’s time for a whole new chapter of your professional life.

This program is designed to guide you through a series of empowering exercises, helping you gain clarity and define your ideal career direction. Say goodbye to aimless wandering and say hello to a structured process that includes practical assignments and thought-provoking worksheets that will actually move you forward. Imagine what it would feel like to have momentum, confidence, and feel like you’re growing professionally.

It’s time to unlock your true potential, seize exciting opportunities, and embrace the next step in your career.

The class meets once a week for 90 minute Zoom group coaching for 8 weeks. Each class will have interactive exercises that will guide you step-by-step through the career discovery process. Each step will focus on a different topic to moving you forward from confusion to clarity – and provide support, ideas, and community as you discover a career path that fits your personality a learn how to navigate forward into the future.

During class, we will work through a series of exercises that will help you create a clear direction for what you want to do with your career and take steps toward finding a job that fits your personality. You’ll work individually and in groups to figure out what you want from your career – and the path to get there. The process will be structured with homework assignments and worksheets that will help you build a map toward your future career.



women and non-binary folks and is an online community for support in your career.

* You have 5+ years of work experience in a professional environment but are feeling stuck and confused about your career path moving forward.

* You are craving career path that is more fulfilling and authentic to your personality.

* You dream of having an expertise and working for a company that values your strengths.



Identify your strengths through understanding what puts you in “the zone” in your career and your personal life to identify your core strengths that you have right now. Through interactive exercises, you’ll discover the consistent themes in your professional personality to discover what you have to bring to your career path. This will boost your confidence to focus on your qualities in the present moment.



Discover your potential in your career by identifying areas that you want to grow in the future. You’ll stretch your imagination through exercises and activities that help you envision your future career. You’ll explore what you’re craving, what you dream about for the future, and the person you want to grow into in the future. This discovery will give you direction for where you want to be in your future career..


Design your career personality profile through an in-depth career assessment and exercises to understand the best career path for who you are as a person. You’ll discover how your strengths and your potential fit together in a unique combination that brings a special energy to your career path that is individual to you.


Tell your career story and articulate your strengths, talents, interests, passions, priorities, and potential for the future. Learn to articulate the focus of your career path with confidence. Practice speaking clearly about your strengths and describing how you want to grow in the future so that other people can understand how to help you.


Learn how to build career community to connect with people, network, and find jobs in the hidden job market. You’ll learn about how to build authentic connections with people who can support you in your career. Discover how to find jobs in the “hidden job market” through going after what you want, not just what’s on the job boards.


Map out the next steps in your career and learn how to create momentum to move your career forward faster and in the right direction. Learn goal setting techniques for navigating your future career path. Learn about what works to keep you motivated, engaged, and confident to keep moving forward in your career.


When you sign up for The Mended Road  Career program, you’re automatically eligible to join the ongoing monthly career coaching program to support you with accountability to continue the momentum that you gained from this course. We’ll evaluate what you need moving forward to help you stay motivated and confident to reach your long-term career goals for the future. Please note: if you’re a current client of mine, you’re welcome to join the monthly group coaching program anytime – just reach out to me at [email protected]