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5 Hacks To Hold Yourself Accountable

Romans 14:12 – We Will Be Accountable To God For Our Lives

So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God

When I think about accountability I often use to think about the personal things in my life that I wanted to be strengthened in, and I would get so focused on what I needed to do in order to move ahead that it took over my day, and left no room for anything else in my life. 

I allowed the physical things around me to become more important than what God wanted me to do. He would knock on the door of my heart, and I would tell Him that I needed more time, and I would not give it a second thought because the call on my life back then was not of the most importance as it is now. 

Do you really know what God wants from you? And if so... How are you navigating through it?

Here are the 5 merits to stand on when you’re answering the call on your life. 

1. Get out of God's way.

When God is calling you to Him, and you decide to answer him in the beginning, and or after a time of running wild you have to know that you have to remove yourself out of the leadership role when it comes to you, and God. Why? Because God is the author, and finisher of our faith. He doesn’t need you to help Him lead your life. he only needs for you to follow where he is leading you. 

2. Be Ready, and willing to serve God.

One of the hardest things to do is to get in the mindset to serve God when everything in your life seems off, and or out of place. Servitude is a chain reaction when it comes pure out of the heart. You have to reply let yourself go in God in order for Him to overtake you, and to use you for His glory. 

3. Learn to Go Low, And Pray At All Times.

When you break your connection with the enemy you have to remember that he has a set target on your back, and you have to realize that anything he tries to send your way will not prosper according to Isaiah 54:17

You have to pray your way out of the old mindset that you use to live in, and know that God will renew your mind,, and place you in His perfect peace. Remember to keep a prayer upon your lips, and you must always pray without ceasing according to1 Thessalonians 5:16-17


4. Being Available to God's People

You have to understand that when you go through the fire in the journey with God you still have to go where He instructs you to go, and to be ready, and willing to go out to His people. One thing about God is He’s going to use you to capacity, and He is also going to utilize your gifts unto the people. 

God is so invested in what He has placed in you that He will bring you through the mud in order to cleanse every rotten things that ever tried to attach itself to you. Be more alert, and more in tune to what God is doing in your life. 

5. Holding on To The Promise Of God

There’s nothing in your life that you be able to take what God has promised you out of your way, and out of your mind. You should always hold fast to what God has spoken over your life. 

I know that life can break you down at times but I want to challenge you to keep your keys of access in your hands, and keep your eyes on God. 

Proverbs 16:1

The Mended Road

There’s something that rests in you that others need & your battle with self esteems issues when every other man & woman is wishing that they were you
Whew! Breathe that in now take your second wind, and come on in to a place of rest while God resets the tone of your purpose.
A standard in your faith is what leads you closer to the heart of God in worship, and a test in every season is meant to shape you not to suspend you in time
The enemy is breaking hearts and destroying lives while you’re out here bleeding through as you minister to others
When will you realize that the greater days of your life are waiting ahead of you?

There is always a free choice to spill it out on the altar and to choose to walk with your head held higher than you’ve ever dreamed with a double edge sword in your belly to defeat the enemy’s camp
Restoration is here, peace of mind is here, love awaits at the door to your heart from the Father.
Will you choose to walk in victory?


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